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This is My Story

First, I LOVE all things creative. From fashion/textile design to theater and art. I was exposed to creative spaces as a young child. I often went along with my dad to his various art classes on the military base we were stationed at. Looking back, I never realized how my life was shaped by what I was introduced to. I am thankful for the opportunity to be immersed in a family who were not only supportive, but active with the arts as well. The seed that was planted back then, is still growing in me today.


Lastly, I LOVE culture and a great story. Often times, I feel we never truly get the opportunity to learn from one another's culture because we are not sharing our stories. In some cases, this is by design and in others it is simply hidden within ourselves never to be shared. It is my goal to create a space of freedom to walk in your story,  whatever that may be. The good, the bad and all that's in between that shapes the story of you.

"Storytelling is the best activity in any culture. It is how we build our families and pass along an identity." -Randall Wallace

Paint Colors

About Us

In hopes of combining the world of art, stories and culture, Stroke of Ingenious was born. Stroke of Ingenious is mixed media art including textiles, acrylics and more. With my art, I want to tell your story and the stories of so many we don't know. This art is intended to bridge the gap between cultures by sharing paintings in hopes that you find your own story.


          So, "Whats your story?"

Ethnic Tapestries

 Stroke of Ingenious


"Sharing their stories, one stroke at a time."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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